(gif) or the human embodiment of Winnie the Pooh [danisnotonfire]


if looks could kill>>> I think he's thinking :PHIL.<<I think he's actually thinking "Phil is a stranger to you and you should stop flirting with my best friend" in his ultimate protective mode because brotp

One Direction, Danisnotonfire, & Amazingphil I'll take them all please :)

One Direction, Danisnotonfire, & Amazingphil.I want them all.but Dan and Phil way more!

Everyone is inclined to love the amazing phil lester <3

Everyone is inclined to love the amazing phil lester -- This made me cry :) He's such a beautiful human. PLEASE HELP HIM REACH 3 MILLION SUBS!

Blimey cow  7 lies about homeschoolers

Messy Mondays: Seven More Lies about Homeschoolers by Blimey Cow Toy story is bad! Its Blimey *cow*!

I almost cried---i did cry

Phil doesn't get enough credit for how amazing he really is. People don't usually realize that without Phil, there would be no Dan<<<yep, he is just too amazing<<<< he's amazing.I love Phil Lester!