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stop rabbit mast

Stop Rabbit Mast- dont eat meat- go vegan- live healthy, protect animals

⭐ Please sign and share ⭐ Petition · cyprus, Cyprus Government: Stop dolphin captivity · Change.org

Say NO to dolphin captivity in Cyprus “A brief summary of the newspaper’s article. The title of the article is ‘The road opens for delfinarium in Cyprus’ meaning anybody can apply for the.

Goose with broken beak after force feeding for foie gras

Animal Cruelty - Foie Gras: information about cruelty in the foie gras industry.

L'OREAL DOES TEST ON ANIMALS. It includes Garnier, Lancôme, Matrix Essentials, Maybelline, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, and Redken.    Stargazer, Manic Panic, Special Effects and Directions all make non-tested vegan hair dye which is free from ammonia and peroxide, and therefore doesn't damage your hair (it actually improves its condition).    This is how much L'Oreal cares for animals - this is a bunny in their test lab. PLEASE BOYCOT L'OREAL AND ALL THEIR CONNECTED PRODUCTS

This is a bunny at a L’oreal lab. L’oreal does a lot of cruel needless animal testing. Please don’t buy products made by L’oreal. The more products they sell, the more animals are tortured.

“Used to think & was OK Problem was I just wasn't thinking I now therefore I'm

A tiger that escaped from her cage at a Paris circus was shot and killed by her owner. Could this be the impetus for banning performing animals in France?

Two tigers died within a month of each other while being exploited as part of a traveling circus. Demand that the Shrine Circus, which uses tigers from the cruel company responsible for this abuse, stop hosting animal acts as part of their performances.



Dairy industry. Vegan = appreciating life. Omnivore = drinking a grieving mothers breast milk after her son was sold for veal.

They scream, cry, and feel fear and pain just like we do. Please go vegan and help those, and be the voice for these beautiful intelligent beings who can't help themselves. Please go vegan.

"The cows are part of common experiments that involve permanently removing a chunk of the animals' abdomens to expose their stomachs. Experimenters feed the cows various foods and then reach into the hole to take samples even though there are modern non-animal methods for conducting these kinds of studies." (via The Bloody Dairy Industry on Facebook)

Cows' chunk o/t abdomens are removed 2 expose their stomachs. Experimenters feed thm various foods & reach into th hole samples even though there are modern non-animal methods fr conducting these kinds f studies. How sick is this?

Not as intelligent? I've seen more useless humans out there than dogs. It's not the "natural order of things" it's basically murder. & just like humans they feel the SAME pain both emotionally and physically. WTF guys? It's like people seriously need help.

it is not a personal choice when their are victims involved. Victims of your choices.