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don't really know what's going on here but

Oikawa's hate for ushijima and teams, the bro-sinner kuro bokuto, and the sweet cat yaku mad at no mind owl wander around bokuto.


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Haikyuu comic Looking down on Tsuki Kei Tsukishima | Hinata Shouyo

I swear sometimes I'm just tsukihina trash, I legit thought they were going to kiss when tsukishima pulled him down the stairs

Poor Akaashi.. Part 1: fav.me/da7g2nh Part 3: fav.me/da7wfbw Part 4: fav.me/da88hrj Part 5: fav.me/da8ijx9 Paint Tool SAI, 2016

Mom swap😂😂///Artist:Hope you like it! Tell me if you find a mistake in the dialogues The next part: Paint Tool SAI, 2016

Iwaoi XD ohmygod, I love how accurate this is! #hq |Text post|

Iwaoi is totally do that xD Daisuga, always make me envy them ; And I perfer it's semi and ushiwaka ahhh I can actually make some opinion about all the pairs xD

Bokuto/Kuroo/Kenma/Hinata Fanart 《Haikyuu!!》

I don't know if I'm shocked that Hinata thought that they were making out and he could possible be shipping it or if the fact that Kuroo and Bokuto making a rocket