Mountain Peak - alluring artwork - pencil sketch - pen definition


Mountain Peak - alluring artwork - pencil sketch-- its been pulled out and focused on- the vertical, straight lines give that sense of steepness and largeness of the mountain and separates the mountain and the snow is a very clever way- maggie

2.2 Sketchbook 2014 on Behance

Here is a collection of 2014 sketchbook art by Jared Muralt, an artist based in Switzerland. He has his sketchbook with him at all times and fills them with studies of people, scientific inventions and the animal kingdom.

Resultado de imagen para sam larson

frosteas: steelbison: Super quick scribbles to stay loose. I wish this is what my “quick scribbles” looked like!

mountains sketch - Поиск в Google

hey do you remember that time that i pooped so hard i made my nose bleed?