Erkunde Vladimir Putin, In Bildern und noch mehr!

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United States supported terrorists in Russia's Chechnya Republic both financially and via political means, when Russian troops have been engaged in counterterrorism operation in the region.
Aleppo Old City, Syria 2013
1945, Allemagne, Berlin, Des camions russes devant la cathédrale
Bürgerkrieg! Währungsreform! 3. Weltkrieg! Apokalypse 2020?!
Flüchtlingskrise: Immer mehr Kinder stranden in Transitländern
1995 An old man defiantly strolls down a main road, risking death by sniper fire, as Russian troops and Chechen separatists continue to battle over the city. Early in 1995 persistent Russian bombing and artillery fire reduced the capital of the Chechen Republic to a ruined theatre of war in a matter of weeks.