Stunning Illustrations by Derek Stenning

The stunning artwork of Canadian artist Derek Stenning - Entartete Kunst is an amazing collection of timeless Sci-Fi themed creations by the artist.


Born In Concrete, Derek Stenning's online portfolio ccontains examples of his art, illustration and concept art work.

Character design and concept development - Astronaut by Jeff Miller | CG Daily news

Artist Jeff Miller created this awesome futuristic space suit design after the movie Gravity sparked his imagination. He says the suit was inspired by a variety of real and conceptual space suit designs.

ArtStation - Superb martial arts of the Ninja, Xiaojian liu

ArtStation - Superb martial arts of the Ninja, Xiaojian liu- Anti Shogun Dominion Col concept

Owenfinal, by Hawkprey

Once the proud defenders of law and justice, the Vindatus have been reduced to mere bounty-hunters, applying their magic and cunning to the highest bidder.

War of the worlds

War of the Worlds.The 1953 film is a classic. When the army started firing the…