thought it might be fun to record inspiration wednesday from 2 angles this week.

"Places I Remember" Beside the lyrics, what Iike about this page is the layered letter background she lays down at the start and the way she grounded the houses with newsprint.  As always, great outlining and finishing touches.  4.25.14

Mixed media art journal page ~ Places I remember by ~ It's always fascinating watching Rachel's process. So many layers & so much detail. She's a talented mixed media artist.

Drawn From the Fire, Belinda Fireman  Things artists think.

Gratitude Tuesday and some sold paintings!

Art Journal your Favorite Quotes! "So imagine my delight when Amber Demien, the Managing Editor of Art Journaling, told me about her idea to create a journal where she planned  planned to gather all of her favorite quotes.  It dawned on me recently that this journal would be the perfect place to collect my favorite quotes — much more meaningful and permanent than a folder in my computer."

A Book of Quotes: Art Journal Inspiration with Editor Amber Demien