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I had a ninjago dream last night...and the night before...and the night before that... and ever since i have loved ninjago. #ninjago

I had a ninjago dream last night. and ever since i have loved ninjago.

LEGO.com - Gallery - LEGO® Ninjago - Funny Dareth and Cole!

Cole is the black ninja of Earth Minifigure from the Ninjago theme. He is the Ninja team leader. Cole also had a former fear of dragons, however he conquered it and adopted the Earth Dragon, Rocky, becoming more attached to his dragon than the others.

Cole Brookstone (Official) – Google+ My avatar on Pinterest

Tofays exsam was so hard :"( by ninjago_is_love

latest (640×640)

latest (640×640)

Kai and Skylar by jay340007.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Kai and Skylar

Ninjago Movie Lloyd Drawings Highschool by YASSDENSWH

Ninjago Movie Lloyd Drawings (Y he be so dames hot and cute at the same flipping time?

Kailor on Everything-Ninjago - DeviantArt