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Schulsystem Malawi - Von Schule zu Schule

Schulsystem Malawi - Von Schule zu Schule

But I'm finally at the point where I do realize this and am working hard to find that me again

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i look every where around me to find her

She just asks for a single chance.yearns for a single moment from ur busy time.a single loving glance. She keeps waiting.She has to wait.

No lady likes a littly boy with eyes for everyone. Respect yourself enough to walk away from someone who doesn't know.

So true.. I lost my soulmate and best friend.. I’m healed.. but don’t want to move forward.. don’t want to give up on him.. even tho he gave up on me ❤️

I lost my soulmate and best friend. I’m healed. but don’t want to move forward. even tho he gave up on me ❤️

Takes time for the removal process of one

I don't think it's possible to "undo" you, you're so deep in my veins that I believe you'll be a permanent fixture, or scar, depending on how you want it to turn out. but you are engraved into my soul

Nothing outside of you has power over you. You decide how you think, feel and do things in your life. Take full ownership and become free.

she's completely unexplainable. you think she's the good girl, but once you get to know her, you realize she's everything. she's crazy, she's funny, she's honest, and you never know what she'll do next

crazy or swinging her butt when making coffee or simply when i go out for a smoke she would randomly jump on my back and lick my ear. Well i have found everything i have every looked for in just one person and im so happy

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Some girls just move freely throughout an office from man to man. I really don't understand how women can sleep with just anyone. How do you have any self respect by sleeping with a man who is in a serious relationship.


And smiles turn into laughs, laughs turn into kisses - and before you know it, the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. And you'll find yourself forgetting what it was like before they were in your life.