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Hannibal Season 1 + Wide Shots

The colour grade used in all of these shots is the type we are going for in our film, it gives quite a cold feel to the film indicating danger and the fear he is feeling

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'Happy Together' (Wong Kar Wai, Cinematography by Christopher Doyle inspires to create the tones for Missing Yang short film evening scenes

Hannibal / Reflection (2013-2015), d.p. James Hawkinson

Hannibal / Reflection d. James Hawkinson It's from a series, I know.

The Trial – dir. Orson Welles This is a really obscure film that should be seen by more people. The combination of Kafka and Welles is great. Tony Perkins is perfect.

The Trial — dir. Orson Welles Cinematography by Edmond Richard Fantastic use of leading lines, composition and noir lighting through out.

Wim Wenders

I just watched "Paris, Texas" yesterday on TV, it blew my mind and melt my heart. Now it makes so much sense to me that Wim Wenders is a photographer too. Here a picture from Wim Wenders

Hannibal's Colour Theory is amazing. each shot looks beautifully crafted!

From set, through to post production, Hannibal's close attention to color theory results in stunning visuals that say, "viewer discretion is advised".

Hannibal, 3×5: "Contorno". NBC - 2015

So you have made a short film. Because you did it… you overcame tough odds to get your idea on film or video.