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Awesome tricks and tips to Get Him Obsessed about you. Learn the secrets of giving him exactly what he wants, and then become obsess about you! Because only you will know the secret.

You may not like being single, but God needs your attention in this season. Let God mold, develop and prepare you before He gives you to someone. I'm trying my best to know what's gods plan is

A godly man will set boundaries to help you guard your purity & stick to them. If a guy says he wants to wait until marriage, but his actions don't line up (as in, he's pushing you closer to SIN rather than closer to Christ) - he is not interested in waiting. Cut off any such relationship. Jesus said we would know a tree by its fruit. ✌️ - Rachel Marie  #Goodbye #ViceVersa

Purity and self-denial is not waiting for some "official rubber stamp" on one's own lust: it's necessary to truly love as God loves, to love others and one's spouse.

There is no more men like Boaz.

I'm so blessed to say God has given me my Boaz! I never thought it would b possible but then God does impossible things all the time! Thank u Lord for giving me such a wonderful Godly man!

Yes!...that is why one " should marry ONLY in the Lord..."  1 Corin 7:39

I say this to all the young girls at church who want a deep relationship with a guy who is still a boy.

Prayer is key

Dear soulmate: I don't know who or where you are, but I pray for you every night && ask God to point you in my direction.