Soccer Problems - More like the funniest game ever! Got to love a rainy game with a muddy field

im lucky if i dont ever have a bruise anywhere!

I'm sure I'll have some bruise and wake up and start poking to see how much it hurts

Soccer Problems

They think they can just cause they're Mexican boys, ooh scary, like HELLO , I'm a Mexican GIRL. Soccer is in my blood

And I'm the only one screaming to everyone to open up!! It's like playing with the kindergarten kids...

or when your the only actual soccer player on a team against a team full of them. My pe teacher always does this! Why cant they actually separate all the soccer players into even teams, and have all the others be cheerleaders or somrthing?

I can't even count how many times I wished that had happened in games...alas, it never did...clearly

So why bother?

Grown men can act like idiots when they play sports. Don't fight with the Ref, it will do you no good. In honor of World Cup.

We all know what that means... :( .... those are the moments i hated my life

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