Sometimes you find people on the road; (On the Road to Perilous, tar and varnish on canvas, 60 x John Sokol)


OcéanoMar - Art Site: Menton J. Matthews lll (better known as is an American painter, illustrator, and comic book artist.


The Dark One tell me, do you fear death?

Loumaye Jérôme, exercice 3 référent "anxieux"

by Masahiro Ito . this is my nightmare

He stopped drawing in color, and none of his figures had faces. Instead there was a scribble or mist, as if he saw everyone with the potential for great evil, and if so they deserved no recognition. The only person who he ever drew without an ominous cloud was Smith, the ginger boy who stumbled into his house one night.

an art of self destruction. it is the tendency of self-protection that pushed the pain-haunted pina to put so many self-embracing hand movements in her dance

I fear every truck sound because I think it be you pulling up  Or text message you saying something to him..  Like my anxiety is through the roof constantly  Because I don't know what you will do

Artist: Leslie Ann O’ Dell More creepy art

picture prompt

Eternal love

The idea of a spirit/angel bringing love or comfort is a powerful thing.

As u go alone u will face less stress and enjoyment for the life will be more..always enjoy ur own company

Haunting Figure Drawing Gothic Moody Dark by ClaraLieuFineArt

Haunting Figure Drawing Gothic Moody Dark Shadow Crayon Wading Water Fog Fine…

Haunting Figure Drawing Gothic Moody Dark Shadow Crayon Wading Water Fog Fine Art Wander X

Summer Salts #2 by Russ Mills, via Behance

Russ Mills

Russ Mills Absolutely love this