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lego architecture!

Lego in Paris

Funny pictures about I will never see the Arc de Triomphe the same way again. Oh, and cool pics about I will never see the Arc de Triomphe the same way again. Also, I will never see the Arc de Triomphe the same way again photos.

Adidas: Create your adicolor    Advertising Agency: TBWA Barcelona, Spain  Creative Directors: Ramón Sala, Miquel Sales, Fer Garcia  Art Director: Jordi rins  Copywriter: Albert Calsina  Photographer: Ramón Serrano

Paint Dripping Kicks - Barcelona-based Spanish advertising agency TBWA created these vividly colorful Adidas: Create your adicolor ads. The campaign features the classic .

「publicidad figuras retoricas」的圖片搜尋結果

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"Indoors, women are useful- even pleasant. On a mountain they are something of a drag. So don't go hauling them up a cliff just to show off your Drummond climbing sweaters. No need to. These pullovers look great anywhere."

SEXISM in advertising: This ad for Drummond Sweaters states that indoors, women are "useful"; outdoors they are a "drag" - so let's just leave them hanging.

Sobe Arush: Climber

Summer is almost over so let’s enjoy the last sunny days with these creative ads about drinks.

Woah! Do you like this? Nicktoons Rebrand Pitch

Graphic Design - Graphic Design Ideas - Nicktoons Rebrand Pitch Graphic Design Ideas : – Picture : – Description Nicktoons Rebrand Pitch -Read More –

This ad appeals to the consumer on an emotional level and also puts fear into the audience. I believe that you sexually assault a child you should be locked up forever and hope you get what's coming to you. This ad portrays my thoughts to a tee.

Serious advertising

Sexually exploit a minor and you could end up being exploited too. Les affranchies Ad by BCP

Let’s face it, most advertisements today are all about selling a product or service, they hold little thought to people who are offended by them and want them gone. But it this collection we’ll be sharing advertisements which are of high standard and are an excellent example of how good effective adverts can be when …

50 Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Think



lego pure brainfood

50 Creative Examples of Lego Advertising - Creativity Without Bricks

Chapter one-Free for all ad. I really enjoyed this new approach, of lego to target the parent instead of the child. It justifies the expensive prices for the toys as they stimulate the brain and are learning tools instead of just toys.

How creative is this out of home advertisement?

How creative is this out of home advertisement?

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An advertisement for waterproof bandaids. Simple ad that gets the point across immediately. We know that it is strong waterproof because the tear has gone out of its way to go around the bandaid almost like a magnet repelling it