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Wo immer du bist, was immer du tust, ich weiß du kannst mich hören ...

Oh I remember this photo. I was visiting Annabel Langbein in New Zealand and we got up really early and drove up to the top of a mountain to see Lake Wanaka. What a trip that was.

Rekindling Love on the Road: Travel Tips for Couples - http://yhoo.it/1KZTbZE

Rekindling Love on the Road: Travel Tips for Couples

Photograph Couple wrapped in blanket hugging at campfire by Hero Images on

Want to hang with a friend or that lucky someone? Our extra large Double Hammocks are custom designed and tested in the US to hold two people up to 400 lbs - they're build to withstand the most rugged

Double Ripstop Hammock

Great camping experience for couples is easy with a double nest hammock. It offers a lot of comfort and allows couples to pack light for a fun weekend out.

古くはギリシャ語で「最も美しいもの」を意味する「カリステー」とも呼ばれていた、エーゲ海に浮かぶ島、サントリーニ島。 そそり立つ断崖の上にところ狭しと並ぶ、爽やかな白壁の家々が美しい観光名所です。 今回は、そんなギリシャのサントリーニ島についてご紹介します。 photo by blamethemonkey.co |ギリシャ, ヨーロッパ|アイディア・マガジン「wondertrip」


An astoundingly beautiful sunset in Oia Santorini, quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. (Travel Photography by Elia Locardi)

Why Your Hubby Wants Your Body. If he wants to make love all the time, it's not that he's gross or oversexed. Here's why God made him that way...And what the root of the desire is.

Maybe there's a reason he wants you so much!

5 Habits of a Self-Controlled Wife (I love this line - "Satan is not concerned with a wife who is not actively pursuing Jesus.")

5 Habits of a Self-Controlled Wife

The devil never runs out of schemes to use against your marriage. 5 Habits of a Self-Controlled Wife - Time-Warp Wife