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Vibe Speakers by May Wilson, via Behance

Vibe, part of premium brand of audio equipment. The bluetooth speakers pay homage to old record players and Hi-Fi systems, creating a balance between innovation and tradition.

Kristján Gudmundsson //

Kristján Gudmundsson //

Seagate& new desktop hard drive means no more dedicated power source or adapter required.


John’s Phone is the world’s simplest mobile phone: no frills and no unnecessary features such as a camera, text messaging and an endless number of ringtones. You call, you hang up, and that’s it.

Коллекция ножей Henri Mazelier от Cédric Ragot

Potential UI application for the effect of the envelope edge. Artistic French Dinner Knives by Henri Mazelier.

Stockholm Furniture Fair: Copenhagen Loudspeaker by Vifa

Tech Find: A Chic Wireless Speaker

Copenhagen is a minimalist bluetooth loudspeaker created by the Danish studio design-people for the sound systems manufacturer Vifa.

Globe-trotter marks 80 years of the Spitfire

Globe-trotter marks 80 years of the Spitfire

The iconic fighter plane gets a new capsule collection.

Cedric Dequidt: Lampe urbucande

Cedric Dequidt: Lampe urbucande

Recto-Verso-Ora-Ito-3.jpg (1750×1000)

Product and furniture design, architecture projects, news and history of the designer Ora-ïto.

Alchemist Series /   JungHoon Lee

Alchemist Series / JungHoon Lee


RUST Collection by Prin London

Ariane Prin launched Prin London, where she's created a line of one-of-a-kind pieces with unique finishes achieved through metal dust oxidation.