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The bunny man. He butchered his family on easter saturday. hence the mask. Now he kills people who go under 'Bunny Man Bridge' on easter

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I tested the first one. IT WORKS! OH MY GOSH IT WORKS! And my back was hurting, too.


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Guy found a creepy room in a hidden crawl space in his new home.

Guy found a creepy room in a hidden crawl space in his new home. a couple creepypastas come to mind when thinking of this


(looks like inspiration for Meep on american horror storry) Koo Koo The Bird Girl - Minnie Woolsey born with Virchow Seckel syndrome. Minnie starred in Freaks and toured in circus freak shows

To set the spooky mood for Halloween... meanwhile I will just be in a fetal position over here in the corner.

“We heard it was winter somewhere. Use the rate code WARMUPS for off rooms for stays through January

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"Killer White Rabbit" from the UK TV series "Misfits", Season 4 - Episode 6 | Director: Jonathan Van Tulleken, 2012

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