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Maryland Embalming House... "hmmm"

"Maryland Embalming House" -- Andrew J. Merchandise - Undertakers - Funeral Directors & Embalming - Aquasco, Maryland ~ Photo by Logan Hicks - 2009


haunted_house This most likely used to be a hotel. The image was taken upstate New York, around Hunter Mountain.

Abandoned old farm house

Ironton Cabin - Abandoned homes in Ironton, Colorado, an uninhabited ghost town a few miles south of Ouray. Ironton was once a "bedroom community" for the mining industry

Empty house in a Rush Arkansas ghost town

Ghost town of Rush, Arkansas: zinc mining town dating from the to the Prospectors headed for Rush to get rich from the silver mines, but it was zinc.


The Carleton Villa on Carleton Island in the Thousand Islands archipelago of New York. Built in 1894 for William O. Wyckoff, whose massive fortune was derived from the Remington arms and typewriter company. The villa has been abandoned for over 60 years.

Gingerbread house -  on County Road 11, north of the Union Center Cemetery near Nappanee, Indiana

A fun discovery today in the rain, a little gingerbread house like nothing I've ever seen around here. The details were remarkably intact! This is on County Road north of the Union Center Cemetery near Nappanee, Indiana.

North Central Oregon.

Scheibner abandoned Old Homes Actually, I've lost track of the exact number of uploads I've had from this place, but you get the idea. Just a re-edit from a trip to one of Oregon's most famous abandoned homesteads.

Abandoned but beautiful

I just want to travel the country and take photos of great old buildings like this.Old Farm House With Unique Front / looks kind of like an old store front

Old Farm House Double Colonnades Looks like the house on Fried Green Tomatoes

Le Beau House in Arabi, Louisiana. It's an old abandoned plantation house near the Domino Sugar Plant. I miss Louisiana.