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Opossums kill ticks and prevent Lyme disease! DON'T HIT THEM! (I've always thought they were kinda cute)

3435 Opossums-While many woodland creatures harbor ticks and spread Lyme disease, opossums kill of ticks that land on them and a single opossum may be “hoovering up and killing” ticks every week and thereby protecting us from Lyme disease.

Even the most knowledgeable dog owners may be surprised by some of these signs of submission! Check out our handy visual guide.

7 Signs of Submissive Behavior in Dogs — Photo Gallery


Every pet owner should know! How To Give Your Dog CPR Infographic CPR infographic

Infographic: Rumination Station - Hobby Farms

Take a look inside the complex stomachs of cows, sheep, goats and other ruminant livestock with Rumination Station infographic.

How to decipher the slang around skin you might hear at the veterinary dermatologist office

Some words you might hear Dr. Jazic and his team from Dermatology 4 Pets say during their visits to VSES. He's here today seeing patients!

Cat Arteries Quiz | Cat Arteries & Veins – Lab « Anatomy Andy – SI Sullivan

Cat Arteries & Veins – Lab

This artery off the Aortic Arch is the Brachiocephalic, and will split to what are they? This artery picked up, is the Celiac Artery. What does it bring blood to? Where did it originate?

Dog Anatomy Tutorial part1 by Miosita.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Awesome tutorial/diagram on canine skulls. There are 3 types of dog skulls. This explains the 3 skulls and shows how the spine is divided into different segments.