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In an archipelago of 7,107 islands, it can be hard for the first-time visitor to decide where to go. Here are our Philippines highlights

Philippines: an introductory guide

On board a traditional paraw sailing vessel, Isobel Diamond explores the pristine ecosystem of the western Philippine region of Palawan

Quick little warm up sketch , its kind of sloppy I know , but we can't do cool stuff all the time haha , anyways I appreciate the love and support

In the middle of a lonely valley, there stood a great tree. It's limbs stretched tall and it's roots ran deep. It is the corner-stone of civilization, but all are forbidden from entering the valley.


Some more ideas for the capital. I like the mix/match of buildings and the level of stonework/wood mix. (the floating island layout is not a match of course)

望乡, Ming Chang on ArtStation at

望乡, Ming Chang on ArtStation at

Fantasy Castle

Fantasy Art Castles You can view a ton of unique art themes and designs at Deviant ART, and a very cool one they have is with fantasy ca.