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Narcissa had a good heart, and so did Draco, and while she didn't want to betray her husband, she believed in Harry, b/c he saved her son.

Despite the negativity that surrounds the Malfoys, I think JKR used them to show that love prevails.

More Rowling genius - dark, perfectly hateable characters with such creative names!

the hair, the sneer, the fear, the crazy.

my favorite 'happy' potter movie, ahahaha so funny :)

Happy Potter and the Goblet of Giggles and Happy Potter and the Order of Puppies so funny! I can't stop laughing anymore hahahaha

found some Harry Potter facts for y'all - Imgur

Harry Potter Facts the Final Part. was going to be 19 facts for the 19 years that passed but I seemed to of skipped a number. whoops T harry potter facts final Part nine

Sectumsempra - For Enemies

The first time Harry sees Draco as more than just a bigoted Death Eater in training, and that he really didn't want Draco to die