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Venise is Venise

Venetian canal,Venice,Italy I have been and it is absolutely amazing want to go back so much


I have been in this exact spot in Venice, and the old woman in the picture acutally waved at us!

Venice, Italy looks to be the loveliest place. Doors and windows everywhere. It is just so whimsical. I hope that I get the chance to visit. Next January, when I plan to take ECON in Italy, I want Venice to be a city I see.

venice backyard by Hogne via flickr

Venice, Italy venice backyard (by H o g n e)


Lovely Venice, located in northeast Italy, is sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges, in the marshy Venetian Lagoon. This view is from a cruise ship looking down one of the canals.

Venice, Italy | Flickr - Photo by felixjlai

Venice, Italy -- walked here

Venice, Italy

Islands We Love (And So Do You)

Ah, dusk on a beautiful bridge in Castello, Venice, Italy on a dream vacation

The most beautiful pictures of Venice, Italy (35 photos)

The most beautiful pictures of Venice, Italy (35 photos)

Venezia-Italy- an extremely narrow street

The narrow streets of Venice

Watery doorway, Venice - Italy

I would happily get my toes wet if this was my entryway. Venice, Italy- I love this place, it was a favorite!

Venice door

Venice door


Venice by ZombieGirl

san giorgio dei greci by scpgt

Venice, Veneto, Italy to take a gondola ride!

Venice - San Moise Canal by Michael Rainwater

Venice, Italy Water reflections are always vertical. Closest to the floating object (boat) is like a mirror reflection.

What  to do in dreamy Venice, Italy.

Venice: The dreamy old-world City

Fotka: Romantic bridges in Venice.