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It's been 22 years since I've seen that side. There are good and there are bad days.

Now that my Halloween videos are over, what videos do you want to see next?

this is actually the coolest thing ive ever seen

Amazing graffiti clique art // Stay alive \\ Stay unlit This is amazing good job whoever did this

"Protect the people at a minute's notice"

not enough Kidge fanfics out there, so I decided to contribute someth… Fanfiction

This is what her life is..from her parents..down to the man she loved..everything she loves..she looses..why love..??why do humans love..??doesn't make sense..

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What The Fuck (WTF) - Neon Light Signs/Art Designs

What the Fuck neon sign

Are you living your dream? photography black and white quote city people sad street dream text b

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I'm on spring break but I have a 12 double sided math packet ugh by unbreakable.

graffiti image

Why yes I do have poor impulse control

once upon a time... there was humanity

humanity, quote, and once upon a time image

Words of Emotion : Photo

Or not.

"Gina, would you stop spray painting deep shit on the sides of buildings?" "And there's no one around to arrest my dumb ass for vandalism "


Hate it how society hates skateboarders like we all ain't bad /Asiaskate/

Song: Staying Up Band: The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood, "Staying Up" one of my favourite bands

// lenamarchese \\

// lenamarchese \\

don't chase your nightmares

stupid for you // waterparks