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Off is the...

"off is the general direction in which i wish you would fuck." now, shoo.

When somebody wants nothing but to see you fail they will stop at nothing. Good luck with that vulture

She was a rainbow but he was colorblind

They don't deserve you. Let your sparkle shine, and when someone sees that beauty and loves you for who you are, that's who you should be around. You are important, you are precious. Don' (You Are Beauty Quotes)

Stand up for yourself                                                                                                                                                     More

And a crazy one at that! How dare I speak the truth? Why would I ever go public with the bold truth? She must be having a bad day. I am having a bad day, but I am still standing.

37 Of The Funniest Quotes You Will See All Day

37 Of The Funniest Quotes You Will See All Day

I love how some people like to bitch about girls who wear makeup. Just because you arent pretty in or out doesnt mean you need to be upset