Lots of good writing prompts on this site

Long winter.

Lots of good writing prompts on this site-- I would also change winter to summer or another season-- winter is overused

well, yes. They DO go to the same school, and she's in four of his honors classes.

He knew her.

" I asked the skeleton. He didn't respond instead pointing behind me. I looked to see a child carrying Asriel's body

You can do it but some one you care about deeply can't. would you still do it?

In the near future, we've discovered a way to prolong life by 200 years, but only for a part of the population that have a specific gene mutation. You just found out the results of your gene test.



Your grandpa dies, leaving you an old, sneezy horse. One day while riding, the horse sneeze and you're transported through time.

They've been forced into retirement. It was only a matter of time before they got bored and had to find something to do.

The four horsemen of chicano history essay The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse English Language Essay. Family of at least one member of the couple has divorce in their history. The four horsemen of the.