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Top 6 Home Decorating Apps You Need Today! | Decorating Your Small Space

6 Top Home Decorating Apps You Need Today

We recently did a post for TGG on our picks for the 5 top garden apps, and it was so popular we decided we would do one for decorating apps as well!

Photo Measures - ELLEDecor.com

7 Apps That Will Change The Way You Decorate

Photo Measure Lite - Snap a picture of your space, then add in measurements for a visual reminder of the dimensions. You can organize photos by room, too. Device: Apple Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.

12 Stores That You'll Want To Cheat On Ikea With

12 Stores That You'll Want To Cheat On Ikea With

Defining your home design style is a challenging task - but this list of 9 fun style quizzes get at the heart of what visually appeals to you, as well as the lifestyle you are seeking to create through your home decor!

{style inspiration} 9 Fun Quizzes to Find Your Home Design Style

Interior Design Advice For The Decorating Challenged *** For more information, visit image link.

Here are 17 paint hacks that you need for your next paint project, from paint storage to cleaning up and more, we have you covered!

17 Paint Hacks You Absolutely Need In Your Life

Just like these paint hacks, Sherwin-Williams will make your next paint project a whole lot easier.


Indigo Bunting - not actually blue. There are no blue pigments found in feathers, instead the color comes from light refraction. Look through a back-lit blue feather and it will appear black or brown.

holes with-beer-lids beer coaster-tinker-

Have you ever thought about it, what can you actually do with beer coasters? The small round and square beer coasters are mostly made of cardboard and the

How much fabric do you need for reupholstering?

How much fabric do you need for reupholstering?

I visited one of my favorite sites the other day called Little Green Notebook, and she had these AMAZING charts with how much fabric you need for upholstering certain types of furniture.

Urban Rustic Design Style: Tips on how to Get It Right!

Urban Rustic Design Style: How to Get It Right

Urban Rustic Design Style: Tips on how to Get It Right! now I want to brick my bedroom wall too

Home Renovation Design Top 10 Apps That Can Help You In Your Next Home Project

Between marathon TV viewing, long showers, and what seems like daily laundry loads, homes can suck energy, adding dollars to your monthly bill. Learn tips for battling electricity guzzlers.