AC-130 x 2

***A Pair of Firing Their Flares. Also Known As "Angels of Death" *** Amazing Pictures

US Air Force Special Operations. A Lockheed C-130 Dropping Flares in the well known "angel" pattern from the SUU-42A/A Ejector Pods

US Air Force Special Operations. A Lockheed Dropping Flares in the well known "angel" pattern from the Ejector Pods


Imagine seeing planes zoom across the sky with red, white, and blue streaming behind them! That would be the coolest display of American patriotism!

USS IOWA (BB-61) Fires 16-inch guns

The Iowa-class battleship USS Iowa fires a full broadside of her Mark 7 guns.

Six F-16 Fighting Falcons with the U.S. AIR FORCE Thunderbirds Aerial Demonstration Team flying in formation over the Statue of Liberty. Keep this image in front of you  as we head into the 2016 elections and run the libs into the ground. America recreated, restored, respected with a genuine American president who loves the country and it's people. America the beautiful once again

Six USAF Thunderbird Fighting Falcons Fighter Aircraft Poster . flying over Lady Liberty, New York City.

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It only has to work once, but it HAS to work. Martin Baker ejection seats.

The Martin Baker ejection seat.

Curiosities: Between the Seconds

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An entry from Bitterfly

The jet fighter is one of the most complicated machines in the modern world seeing it soar into the sky is very inspiring.

My instructor once told me "Taking off is voluntary but landing is mandatory"

I want to be a pilot! Flying from Dubai straight home. Proud to be and American. Nothing like touching the soil of Freedom.

The AC-130 Specter Gunship Twin 20mm Vulcan M-61 six-barreled cannon.

The Specter Gunship Twin Vulcan six-barreled cannon. Wouldn't wanna be on the receiving end of these beasts!

AC130 Gunship

gunship "Bringin' the rain," with Bofors cannon and Fulton surface-to-air recovery system on the nose.

AC-130 Gunship

ON BAD-ASS DUDE! Created during the Vietnam conflict. All started with 'I betcha we can fire that artillery piece from that plane'.

The AC-130H Spectre (Attack Cargo Plane Project II) currently retired/replaced with the J model Ghostrider.  Spectres weapons consisted of twin 20mm cannons (mid pic), one Bofors 40mm cannon and one 105mm Howitzer (bottom pic).  See the top pic, there are two black squares that used to house the 20mm cannons.  This weapon was removed due to a ricochet issue (collateral damage) reported by Special Forces on the ground, something that has never been mentioned anywhere.

The Spectre (Attack Cargo Plane Project II) currently retired/replaced with the J model Ghostrider. Spectres weapons consisted of twin cannons (mid pic), one Bofors cannon and one Howitzer (bottom pic). See the top pic, there are

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Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3 firing SNEB rockets

Royal Navy fighter pilot Lord Alexander Hawke's Harrier in the skies over Baghdad in the Iraq War. His squadron was based on the HMS Ark Royal.