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What Guinea Pigs Have Been Up To Last Year - Imgur.  Awesome guinea pig photo shoots :)

What Guinea Pigs Have Been Up To Last Year

Guinea Pigs have been keeping themselves busy in These piggies will make you feel bad about not keeping to your own New Year's resolutions.

I'm sorry Aggie Maggie! I'm such an absolutely terrible person please forgive me. :)

I get very angry when people call Guinea Pigs hamsters, or gerbils.

Oh how I miss my piggies and their cute little squeaks when they heard the lid pop off the cucumber container :(


Meet Booboo, an adorable guinea pig that is the muse of a photographer who goes by the nickname Lieveheerbeestje. Her photos of little Booboo and her friends look like professional fashion shots for Guinea Pig Vogue magazine

Seductive guinea pig

I found this while looking for guinea pigtures for the inspirational picture thread. Anyone else have a meme that perfectly describes your pig/ 54034