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It's my lifeline, my savior, what I turn to in troubled times, when I'm sad or just need to listen to music, I constantly listen to music even while I sleep it's my only escape they were there when no one else was

One Direction is my life. They inspire me and make me smile. Words can't even describe how much I love them. They are absolutely perfect. I will always be a Directioner! I love One Direction!

Me reading every single book

I was watching the hunger games going down Island when rue, finnick, AND Prim died and I tried to keep it together but I started crying.

Now every time this happens, I think of this text post and how true it is, and then I'm STILL NOT PAYING ATTENTION

29 Internet Philosophers Who Will Rip A Hole In Your Mind. These are literally the best posts ever!

lol reading merlin fanfic like

But like the first line is about physical/mental pain of a character. The second line is changing actual plot points. The third is shipping, both canon and headcanon and the last line is about bringing back dead characters.the pain is real

Pretty much same with me. I like pretty much anything as long as it’s clean, and it sounds good.

tbh my music taste is so hard to describe like it’s literally everything except for the songs I don’t like and a couple artists I don't like

This Kitten Wasn't Going To Survive Until She Met Her Dog Mom

This Kitten Wasn't Going To Survive Until She Met Her Dog Mom

Dying Kitten Wasn’t Going To Survive, But Then She Met This Husky animals dogs cats pictures cool amazing story pets awesome great husky stories heart warming--the husky looks so proud "this is my baby!

Motherhood and bedtime, in a nutshell by @letmestart | parenting humor

These hilarious parenting memes will make you laugh, feel less alone, and possibly cry knowing that someone out there understands.

Boys I know should be smaller. I don't know very many boys, and a incredibly small portion of them are actually attractive.

For example: Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Chris Hemsworth. The list goes on and on.

I love this

I love this. The pretty men get kidnapped and used for stud service. They do not return alive. The females only keep other females. The male children are cast off for the elders to raise.