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truer words have never been spoken. The power of Christ compels you. I only say "bless you" twice. If you sn funny sneeze guard at Buffet Just seems sad

Open Road Brands - If a Man is Alone He is Still Wrong Tin Sign

Friday Fitness Funnies

Every time I hear the dirty word EXERCISE I wash my mouth out with chocolate. (of course!) Via Goldberg Goldberg Graber

Lucky for me I don't have enough friends for an intervention.

Bahaha no peopling or intervention for me! The positives keep rolling in!

You actually would not get a kiss because they still exist just not a lot of the big ones are around small creatures and reptiles are actually dinosaurs.

The awkward moment when someone tries to convince you they do exist.

Love this! It would be nice to have a spot in my classroom where the kids can go for a smile. I like this and the "Take what you need" tearables.

These are tearable puns

TEARABLE X PUNS. ( Middle years students could work in groups and create a series of terrible music puns and then. make them even 'more tearable.