Wisteria is my favorite climbing vine.

Best Time To Plant Grapes

i want things that smell nice :: they come as trees or vines :: wall of wisteria

Wisteria Wow..... for a lilac and wisteria addict, this is unbelievable!

our back yard looks just like this in Wisteria season. oh my gosh, for a lilac and wisteria addict, this is unbelievable!

Wisteria Window, Cambridge, England

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Wisteria Window, Cambridge, England photo via anna ~A stroll through the Garden~


Wisteria explosion at the gazebo , isn't this amazing ! Put the wisteria I'm growing. on an outdoor room in west yard!

Garden Gate at Filoli Gardens - Wisteria was in full bloom. Filoli is 30 miles south of San Francisco.- Photo by Rosemary Bliss

I miss my wisteria gate! Our first house had an arbor over the front full of wisteria and trumpet vines. Our second had transplants from the first over a White picket fence arbor gate. Such a stunning display!

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(Wisteria Bridge, Kyoto, Japan) Well, Bennett and Rieder Bennett how did we miss this? Guess we'll have to start planning a second trip including a pit stop in Kyoto ;

Would your mood elevate when you these beautiful flowers blossoming in your garden.

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Most porches, like mine, look out onto a public street. What a gorgeous view you have from this porch.

Darling, doesn't this wisteria remind you of home? The lake, the wisteria, our beautiful garden and our deck. I miss our coffee in the mornings on the deck and reading all the newspapers. It's so pretty here in Spain though.