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Who sent me this mess! I want to puke okay! I hate the sight of bones and blood! Rather slip in a compost pile again, like back in the day running home from school!

Great use of an old frame for Halloween.

Cheap frame, Bucky, and Monster Mud. You're a haunter if you know what a 'Bucky' is and B. You know where to get Monster Mud.

Halloween free printable from Fresh Idea Studio

Classic Creepy Halloween Vignette and a Free Printable

Halloween scarecrow (Haunt Nation)

Halloween scarecrow (Haunt Nation) what to do with those hanging torso/fabric/head and arms only things

Every day is Halloween

Been slaving away in the studio preparing for Mask-fest. Only 3 weeks away now! Here's a few of many corpse heads that are making the trip.