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My grandma has had this one her fridge for awhile now and it still makes me giggle

missed the boat. No WONDER the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs. they missed the boat! Now I come to think of it, where does it mention dinosaurs AT ALL in the the Bible?

This makes me laugh everytime I see it! "Free Dog Souls for all conversions!"

"Free dog soul with conversion". Laughed so hard at this whole argument. I'm not religious but how can you pass up a free dog soul?

The most retarded questions asked by attorneys  - Imgur

Funny things people (and lawyers) say in the courtroom. If these were actually said by people.

Eggcelent! :D

A day in the life of an egg…

Funny pictures about A day in the life of an egg. Oh, and cool pics about A day in the life of an egg. Also, A day in the life of an egg.

made me laugh harder than I should have...>_> XD

And God separated the light from the dark: Catholic Humor and memes

honk if you love Jesus

15 Hilariously Menacing Church Signs - funny church signs

Funny Church Sign: "Honk if you Love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet Him.

My life... the universe... everything... it all makes sense now

How cowlicks happen! There must be a lot of cows in Kaiden's room at night! That boy wakes up with the worst bed head. Esp his 'cowlick'

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it is good to look skiny.  BUT   IT IS GREAT TO EAT GOOD FOOD

I'm skinny and I know that food tastes better than being skinny!

I like this idea...cool

Tonight my husband and I went to Newks. I look over at him and a mosquito is sucking his left cheek. I tenderly with love slap his face. I say mosquito because it really was! I so thought of this quote!

I don't know why but this had me rolling!!!!

Oh, t-rex. Your tiny arms make me laugh for reasons I just can't explain. Aaron says I have t-rex arms.

Pahhh. where peanut butter comes from...

Funny pictures about How peanut butter is made. Oh, and cool pics about How peanut butter is made. Also, How peanut butter is made photos.