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50 gruselige Halloween Party-Ideen für Drinnen & Draußen    #Halloween #Deko #Party

10 gruselige Halloween Party-Ideen für Drinnen & Draußen

Huge spider Halloween Decorations for the outside of your house

Creepy Halloween Decor

Cool variation to the dresses

Halloween Garden Chicken Wire Ghost: Awesome Sculpture Tutorial

Chicken wire ghost, paint with glow in the dark paint. cool land art eco woodland craft grimm and fairy garden art especially when your ghost eventually starts to get wild ivy and other plants growing up it a woodland spirit

Another coffin made from pallet boards; ideal for Halloween.

22 Superb Halloween Decorations Using Pallet Wood, Wooden Pumpkins & Decorations

With some bones that you have left over from the skeleton sticking out of the ground or wheelbarrow, stick them in some large jars along with ash or dirt and cobwebs. The dustier, the better.

Best Simple & Scary DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

skeleton bones in a jar halloween decoration - take any extra skeletal parts left over from decorating the yard or wreaths and put them in a jar, add ash, dust, or dirt and top with lid

Easy Dollar store crafting spider vase

Easy Dollar store crafting spider vase The dollar store can be a really great resource for making holiday decor items when you combine a few of them.

With sparkly purple skulls!!!

craft glitter bug and bone decorations for Halloween. brush craft glue on bones and bugs, Apply glue to bugs. Place bones/ bugs in plastic bag filled with glitter. Twist top of bag and shake.


Masks + glow sticks (from the dollar store) = great Halloween decorations. (You could also use battery-operated tea lights instead of glow sticks.

Bleeding candles.

Halloween Crafts - How to Make a Bloody Pillar Candle

DIY Bloody Pillar Candles ~ Light a red candle and let it drip down onto the top and sides of the white candle. Or, light the pillar candle and melt crayon wax instead

This is amazing... Dress a skeleton in ragged clothing and boots, coat mop heads in monster mud and drape allover.

Creepy Halloween decoration made from mop string dipped in monster mud draped over a skelton. Links to monster mud recipe.

Black Witch Door/Window Panel, set of 2

Black Witch Door/Window Panel

Black Witch Door/Window Panel, set of 2