Glen Keane/Pocahontas

Discover a gallery of 40 Original Concept Art by Disney Artist Glen Keane. Glen Keane is an American animator, author and illustrator. Keane is best known

Glen Keane

Concept art of Pocahontas by Glen Keane from Disney's "Pocahontas". Over 50 animators were involved in designing the character of Pocahontas.

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This is a matter of hugging; while it's easy to draw a freestanding figure, one needs to know where to place the arms and the perspective of the hands and fingers during a tender moment like this. 💗 John Smith and Pocahontas.

Exhibant ses nageoires argentées  :)  Imprimer mesure 8 x 10 pouces Imprimé avec une imprimante Epson Stylus R1900 sur papier Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper. Chaque tirage est signé par moi, est livré avec une planche support 100 % recyclé, claire sac en plastique et est expédié dans une enveloppe rigide.

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Seated standing left right profile animals reference

Seated standing left right profile animals reference

Pocahontas boards by Glen Keane: totally just got done watching this like two minutes ago. It was better than I could have hoped for!

These are storyboards for the Pocahontas animation. The artist or artists have illustrated different angles and locations but the art is in the same style with the same asthetic.