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Colorful vintage plate display in the kitchen. Collect as a hobby display as art.


Accessories: Plates as Wall Decor

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Des assiettes en tissu fleuri

I always think if I had a fun family room, or could go back to my 20s...

These easy and unique blank wall solutions will make your blank walls come to life in your home. Look at some of these easy DIY tips and ideas to inspire you to decorate!

Now that I'm collecting dessert plates for the wedding I guess I should have a way to use them later - 39 Ways To Decorate With Plates

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Decorative plate wall, decorating with plates, plate wall tutorial

Decorative Plate Wall

Whats Ur Home Story: Decorative plate wall, decorating with plates Mom! For your cool plates this would be awesome!

Create a plate wall without even having to put one nail hole in the wall.

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What's the worst part about a plate wall? All those holes in the wall! Why not hang plastic plates using Command Strips instead? I bought all these plastic plat…

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I like the flow, for kitchen or dining room. Decorating with Vintage Plates — DIY Plate Wall Ideas — Eat Well 101


If you're searching for an easy and inexpensive easy way to decorate a wall, consider mounting a plate collage. Choose a colorful collection to brighten up a space — or light plates against a dark wall to create a uniquely sophisticated look.