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Doctor Who: The Stone Rose (book on tape). Read by David Tennant. I'll have to come back to this later. It's an hour long.

Doctor Who: The Stone Rose read by David Tennant! Can I listen to 2 hours and 22 minutes of David Tennant's voice without swooning? Well, I'll try.

15 of the Best Doctor Who Captions of All Time

14 of the Best Doctor Who Captions of All Time

oh captain jack harkness you're straight? So is Spaghetti until it gets hot


Never Mind the Buzzcocks - Doctor Who Special. Never Mind the Buzzcocks - Doctor Who Special. If you are a Whovian, and have not seen this at least a dozen times, you are missing out.

Rose Tyler will always be number 1 companion in my heart.

Rose Quotes - Rose is my favorite companion. Don't get me wrong, I love Clara and Donna and Amy and Martha (and I'm sure I'll love all the earlier ones when I get to them) but Rose. she BELONGED with the Doctor.

I have 2 more episodes left with the 10th doctor before he regenerates ... eek \\

Ignore the stupid song rip-off. Look at that eyebrow. I adore that eyebrow. Second best eyebrow in the business, that eyebrow.

It's a lego Doctor. No... it's a lego TENTH Doctor... no... it's a lego David Tennant... So many levels of awesome. Give it to me.

It's a lego Doctor. it's a lego TENTH Doctor. it's a lego David Tennant. So many levels of awesome. I suddenly feel the need to play with legos again.

Doctor who vs lion king

no, hold on, sorry that's the lion king --- This is possibly my favorite Doctor Who moment ever

I cracked up so hard.... This is definitely going to be the video I show people to explain Doctor Who.

New to Who But Don't Want to Watch All the Seasons?

Doctor Who song spoof I practically died at the bit with the Daleks "I'm bullet proof, nothing to loose, fire away, fire away!" And the Doctor-Master love song. Pin now, watch later.

David Tennant - Behind The Scenes <- Captain Jack Attack... Oh my gosh, love John Barrowman. And David Tennant's comment about global warming. XD <<--- By far the best thing I've ever seen Doctor Who related!!!!! CAPTAIN JACK ATTACK!!!!!

Clips from David Tennant's video diaries during Doctor Who. Made me giggle more than it should have. Fave is the Captain Jack Attack :D

Love Dr Who!

DEFINITELY gonna buy this! Time to scour the internet for the perfect Whovian nail polish. Not gonna lie, though, I mostly just want a TARDIS blue nail polish.

for real.....but why is this picture of matt smith and not david tennant?

for real.but why is this picture of matt smith and not david tennant? For Matt Smith, it could be meeting up in the wrong order of time with River Song.

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Gorgeous painting by Alice X. Zhang of the tenth Doctor. I adore her painting style.

"Well I just saved the world, the whole planet, for about the millionth time, no charge. Yeah, shoot me! I kept the clothes." XD

I Look Incredible

I wear your granddad's clothes now. Granddad's clothes are cool.

True....I'm terrified of things I wasn't before, I cry over all the hurts the doctor has.

It's be fun they said. It'll be fun they said. It'll be fun they said.