Spikers and Setters // Haiba Lev x Yaku Morisuke, Akaashi Keiji x Bokuto Koutaro, Hinata Shouyou x Kageyama Tobio, Oikawa Tooru x Iwaizumi Hajime, Futakuchi Kenji x Moniwa Kaname

Spikers and Setters // Haiba Lev - Yaku Morisuke, Akaashi Keiji - Bokuto Koutaro, Hinata Shouyou - Kageyama Tobio, Oikawa Tooru - Iwaizumi Hajime, Futakuchi Kenji - Moniwa Kaname

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하이큐 등장인물 정리 ~카라스노 고교~ : 네이버 블로그

A badass scene, Nishinoya's foot save, Haikyuu. And don't you dare tell me this wasn't badass and worthy of all the worlds cheers! Go Nishinoya!

Why is this cute?

Kuroo: Checking the menu Kenma: Playing on his phone Kageyama: Revising English Hinata: Revising text Iwa: At his locker Oikawa: Sleeping lol