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when you buy a shirt, they donate 30 meals to girls in Uganda.  Love the message and the mission

this website donates 30 meals to a girls' orphanage in Uganda for every t-shirt sold.

Couldn't Handle Me #cute #doing-hoodrat-stuff #even-if-i-came-with-instructions

Couldn't Handle Me

Everyone in the street reads the quote you're shirt is saying you place you go or people that see you will read the words you are wearing, so they will get the message of my campaign.

The Boobs Are Real The Smile Is Fake Shirt, Hoodies, Tanktops

The Boobs Are Real The Smile Is Fake T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top

In The Beginning There Were Only 8 Bits Shirt, Hoodies, Tanktops (Hip Problems Funny)

"K." Potassium Tshirt

Don't respond to my texts with a single letter! Gonna start responding with potassium, yo!