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Tim's 72 gallon paludarium                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Paludarium for Poison Dart Frogs

Or instead of poisen frogs put in a gecko, turtles, fish, maybe some small frogs 😊

Large Vivarium Construction - Page 7 - Dendroboard

Slate pieces as shoreline Large Vivarium Construction - Page 7 - Dendroboard

thoughts on paludarium/river tank - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community

thoughts on paludarium/river tank - Page 2 - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community

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dart frog tank build - Reptile Forums

evening all, this is my first post in the amphibian section as im more of a snake person i have always like the look of dart frogs and have wanted

Frog tank inspiration

A care sheet about the golden mantella frog (Mantella aurantiaca) with information about housing, diet, temperature and captive breeding.

Another beautifully crafted #ZooMed Terrarium from our master builder Jim. See…

Iguanas fall ill to this disease should they have endured from malnutrition. If your iguana becomes too near the tank's heat supply, it may get burned. Throughout the last few decades, iguanas have become rather popular as exotic pets.