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Dynamic sketching and wireframing are vital aspects of interface design. The creative process should start rough and move towards solid ideas.

Wireframe sketches

Time Warner Cable - Changing Channels - Mobile Wireframe Sketch with Gestures by…

Delivering a top-notch user experience is about more than effective product design — it’s good business. Often cited by UX evangelists, Tom Gilb’s research in the late (published in his…

User Experience Design in 18 circles. Love it!

The Intricate Anatomy Of UX Design Co. The Disciplines of User Experience Design is a mega Venn diagram by Dan Saffer (given a pretty makeover by Thomas Gläser) that explores all of the overlap between UX and othe

How wireframing / sketching should be. Sketched Wireframe by Todd_Moy, via Flickr

33 Great Examples of Web Design Sketches (Wireframes)

10 Web Design Trends for 2013- Visual and Design Trending Terms: UX centered, No skeuomorphism, Flat Colors, minimalism, typography centered, SVG, APP style Interface, UI, device agnostic, touch-enabled, usability, responsive, mobile first,clear layouts http://www.awwwards.com/10-web-design-trends-for-2013.html#

10 Web Design Trends for 2013 // Visual and Design Trending Terms

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Pocket : Creative UI Design Examples for Great UX

Preview for UX Activities and Documents. If you're a user experience professional, listen to The UX Blog Podcast on iTunes.

A stencil of UX activities and documents to illustrate the work that designers and researchers do. [originally created by Todd Zazelenchuk (Plantronics) and Elizabeth Boling (Indiana Univ)]

Infographie expliquant la différence entre le design d'interface et d'expérience - Wassai Estudio Creativo. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out theuxblog.com

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The Mobile App Development Cycle for iOS & Android

The mobile app development lifecycle - from concept/idea to live production infographic

A Quick Start Guide to UX Design

A Quick Start Guide to UX Design

A Start Guide to UX Design in an Infographic called "Quick start guide to UX Design". It will explains you how UX works!

60 free icons

Icons that can be used for navigation. They are simple so use less data and will reduce the time it takes the website to load. They help users to navigate around websites easily by using easily recognisable symbols.

Mobile UX Checklist [Infographics] -- [Mobile Development] [Mobile Design] [App Design] [UX] #DigitalE45DK #BizzAppsDK #HyperSynectics

Tips And Tricks For Web Designing Like A Pro

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Mixed UI/UX designs for your inspiration From up North


Nice presentation layout for mobile wireframes app wireframes by Alex Solomatin

6 Tips for Making the User Experience Team More Useful to the Business » Interaction Design Foundation

6 Tips for Making the User Experience Team More Useful to the Business

User Experience Design is the liaison between the three areas of technology, business, and design. — love the articl.