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Herman Comic Strip on GoComics.com

" = He shouts as can't hear her over the near full volume the speakers are set to ! ) = "This is more effective at eliminating your voice dear !

Herman  (July/11/2016)

" I dislocated my shoulder the last time I tried that IMPOSSiBLE task !

So that's why guys dress like Simon Cowell as the position of their waist heightens each passing year as their beer bellies grow

The prison will be a quiet place without you ( oh, how right the prison guard was ) ps his suspicions should have been raised by his footsteps sounding like an army platoon marching past !! Ps the prison guards mum had warned him as a child, that if he didn't stop being such a silly boy, he would end up behind BARS so a prison guard or a barman was this 'bad boys ' destiny !! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ✔️

Jim Unger, the creator of the Herman comics, has passed away. My dad was a huge fan of his comics when I was a kid, and bought all the big.

Our listeners are an endless source of humour - all G rated it's important to add - here's where you can see the best of it. Oh, and if you have any new jokes/tall tales that our listeners might enjoy, please do let us know about them.