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Holzspalterei: Splinter von Nendo für Conde House

Splinter for Conde House / Nendo. Best Architect-Designed Products of Milan Design Week 2013

Keystones is a 3D printed connector that holds together various components of a piece of furniture so that it can be assembled with minimal tools.

3D-Printed Furniture Joinery by Studio Minale-Maeda

Product: printed furniture connectors Designer: Studio Minale-Maeda printed connectors such as these could play a roll in modern craftsman furniture. These plastic connectors could drive down the price of various interior components and furnishings.

Nosigner | arborism

Tree branch metal table by Nosigner. Arborism is a table which has tree form arms. The design of the unique arms has been configured by the fractal algorithm called “Tree Curve.” So the design is as same as the branch structure of a real tree.

Metal hardware detail: aluminum joint on chair designed by Trey Jones and Darin Montgomery for Urbancase