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annietarasova: ingredient ice cream {frozen bananas, frozen raspberries, coconut sugar} topped with easiest and quickest homemade granola clusters which took 10 mins to make 🍧 Simply mix.

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tessbegg: “FRESH FOOD HAUL🌈 Eat The Rainbow😛 I’ll never understand when people say plants are boring or a wussy thing to eat. They’re all bursting with flavour naturally & deliciousss🙌🏼🍉🌿⭐️🍌 (got more fruit un-pictured) so stay tuned!

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r-ela-x:nourishingchloe: vanessaprosser: Vegan salad, Falafel Wrap with a Dragon fruit, coconut milk and banana smoothie Where is this from!

i open at the close.

agirlnamedally: “ Today I learned that I’ve been pronouncing ‘Sadhana’ wrong for the past two years… And also that vegan crepes are a very important food group. Lunchin adventures today with my vegan.

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ti-bacio: “ Big bowls of fruit for breakfast because no reason just fruit 🙏🏽✨ moving day tomorrow, I have a massive headache and life is a bit messy, but it will be worth it!