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Kloster Frumoasa ◆Moldawien – Wikipedia http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moldawien #Moldova

Kloster Frumoasa ◆Moldawien – Wikipedia http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moldawien #Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova

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Chisinau, Moldova

Photo at that sign next time I'm in Moldova for sure!

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Church of Transfiguration in Chisinau, Moldova

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Chişinău city center,  the great assembly square.

Chişinău city center, Moldova - the great assembly square.

moldova | Welcome to Moldova!

Welcome to Moldova!

Hey self, remember that one time you sat in a cherry tree on the outskirts of Chininau, Moldova eating cherries with an extremely handsome Moldovan man?

Tipova Village, an Orthodox cave monastery in Moldova

In Tipova, on the rocky side of the Nistru River is the biggest Orthodox cave monastery in Moldova and all of Eastern Europe.

The Candle of Gratitude - Soroca  Moldova  “The Candle of Gratitude” raises from the depth of our past and represents a homage to all the anonymous heroes that have kept safe the culture, the language and the history of Moldova out of a wide colorful human civilization, this way making eternal the memory of the great anonymous poet, author of “Miorita” (“The Lamb”).

April THE CANDLE OF GRATITUDE: The Candle of Gratitude is built in the rocks above the river Nistru on the borders of Soroca in Moldova. It is dedicated to all former Moldavian cultural monuments that have been destroyed by war.