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Decorate for Fall! Autumn Colors Fall Tree with Salt Dough by cookiedoughcreations, $28.95

Autumn Colors Fall Tree with Salt Dough Ornaments 15" Kitchen Tree

درسته که پاییز حال و هوای خاص خودش و طرفدارهای همیشگیش رو داره، اما باید قبول کنیم که بیشتر ماها نزدیک پاییز که میشه اصلا اون طوری که برای بهار و تابستون برنامه میچینیم و خونه رو براش آماده میکنیم، به استقبال پاییز نمیریم. شاید بد نباشه از امسال این عادت رو عوض کنیم و خونه رو برای اومدن این فصل قشنگ پر از رنگ های گرم و شاد آماده کنیم. اینجا براتون 11 تا ایده پیدا کردیم که بتونین با کمک گرفتن ازشون و خلاقیت خودتون، خونه رو آماده ی ورود یه پاییز شاد و رنگی بکنین.

fall branch arrangement- for Christmas use Bailey's bottle as vase and put gold ornaments on branches

Picture Perfect Pumpkin Projects

Picture Perfect Pumpkin Projects

Jellybean Pumpkins - What You'll Need: - Orange netting or Tulle - Scissors - Orange jellybeans - Green Pipe cleaners - Different sized bowls to trace - Marker

Leaf Display

50 Easy Fall Decorating Projects

Leafy display: While the trees may be dropping leaves outdoors, you can preserve them inside on this tree -- perfect for an entry display or party centerpiece.

50 Fun Projects to Make with Fall Leaves

50 Fun Projects to Make with Fall Leaves

Free printable http://www.moritzfineblogdesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/fall2.jpg

Free Fall Home Printables

...or any ol' display.          The initial inspiration came from a post where someone was using watercolored coffee filters as the material...

Watercolor coffee filter autumn leaves (originally posted to my "Create" board).not going to want to take it down at the end of fall. Use liquid watercolors in spray bottles for the leaves. red, orange, green and yellow.

Leaf Art and Fall Berry display. Dip the leaves in wax before mounting to preserve color?

Make a pressed glass picture by buying two dollar store frames, then taking the glass out of one of them and using it for the backing of the first frame. Place your favorite pressed leaf in between the two glass panes. DIY art/DIY see-through glass frames