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Humanstuck// Kankri is havin' NONE of yo' mess, Cronus! #Returnmetoaverticalstance #Notintimidated #Tagthatfoulinstrumentposthaste

Humanstuck// Kankri is havin' NONE of yo' mess, Cronus! I prefer his hair brown as a human but this is too cute

I ship peanut butter and Jelly

I ship peanut butter and Jelly, even though I'm not usually a fan of gay ships.

A Homestuck Christmas>>>I don't care if I've pinned this already it's just too hilarious>>>omg Cronus looks so done

A Very Homestuck Christmas.<< Look up [Homestuck] Christmas Carol, the part two is Karkat singing his version and its too funny

Forever shipping

pixels<<<< I don't rlly ship them romantically but they're great as meowrails

Now they only have to wait until next year to do it all over again

I actually feel sorta bad for spidertroll…

Everyone forgets that these two were actually really close :/

ok yah . wwhy the glubbin fuck does evvery one ignore these . is beautiful as shit fucks . still ganna fuckin exist no matter wwhat


this is beautiful but hard to not feel sad after reading . still beautiful tho<< the beforus ancestors oh my gog

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So i have this headcanon. The higher the blood, the more dominance the troll. The dominant troll places itself as "male" (This makes karkat "mother" and terezi "vather")