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I just created a really annoying original character. I started drawing a body practice but it transformed into a pose practice. So this is pose practice so far. I wanted to draw really slim ch.

He reminds me of an anime character I created


i've got a idea, lets give this guy no armor! take that person who started the whole horrible female armor thing

Hi :)

This is my first portfolio after I'm discharged from military service. :-) I'm going to keep uploading my portfolios!

Female Superhero Template <b>female</b>-standing  heromachine character portrait creator

Female Superhero Template <b>female</b>-standing heromachine character portrait creator

25___fanart_contest_by_precia_t-d9pikc8.jpg (1477×2382)

CONTEST WINNER: THAT WAS FAST! was this amazing person who guessed all of the character and &nbsp;


The da main production base class tutorial material can be a look, . @ original painting to painting tutorial dream collection Figure) _ petal illustrationPin page

沃克楊  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=865550883456283&set=pcb.777386678971633&type=1&theater

沃克楊 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=865550883456283&set=pcb.777386678971633&type=1&theater