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myrollingstar: Once again going back to this WIP It’s difficult for me to imagine anyone who draws slower and more sporadically than I do ahahhah /rolls in circles (눈ε눈)

This person is a genius!!!!

Anime Cutouts (paper children) - good idea for a teen program.

anime comic http://undercover-witch.tumblr.com/post/137580257626/animetrashlord

This entire post perfectly illustrates how much I love anime, oh my God.

Anime girls personified. its pritties than it looks on the preview

Foods turned into people form. >>> looks and food wise- I’m Ramen abd Cassie is mint ice cream. But style wise I am green tea ^.

Bildergebnis für anime boys

I've only seen the anime, and I know it isn't enough to judge already, but I don't really like Yukine. I love more Yato. But this pic is cute, so!