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Imagine how bummed the bicyclist who locked his bike to this tree was when he came back to find it had swallowed it up:

When trees attack

Check out this collection of photos of trees (slowly) swallowing up everything in their path. Nature always wins.

arbre forestier, un vieux hêtre, appelé localement"le hêtre du voyageur".près de Paimpont

forest tree, an old beech, locally called "beech traveler" .

Un arbre Magnifique et étonnant en Afrique du sud  cid:2.2368504776@web32804.mail.mud.yahoo.com

awesome tree in South Africa with lots of animal carvings love the tree of life in animal kingdom in disney world

General Cemetery, Nottingham

General Cemetery, Nottingham - Too bad this tree ruined the stone. The stone is in good shape except the damage (the crack) caused by pressure from the tree. I'm assuming this is slate and the engraving is certainly beautiful